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Anonymous said: who were u talking about on your twitter about how you wish you could go back and change all the mean things u ever said and did to them?

gus morgan. he was the sweetest guy ever and i treated him like a piece of dirt. i would build him up and only knock him down just to mess with him. i thought i had complete complete control over him and i took advantage of it. now i realize how good i could have had it. all these other guys are such asshole and care about the wrong things.

tumblr is a piece of shit now that everyone has one. ugh go away you dont know wtf your doing on here.

Anonymous said: why dont you think anyone likes you?

well i just dont think girls from eastside dont like me because im never invited to anything.

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Anonymous said: if you could take back anything. what would it be?

well, one day on spring break when somebody did something to me.

another would be messing with macy godbees car. and lastly, loosing one of my best friends over a stupid boy.

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